10 Best Places to Visit in Rajasthan during Winter


Planning a trip to Rajasthan is a great idea if you are looking for somewhere to go during winter break. Winter is the best time to visit these large palaces and forts. These forts and palaces are best explored in winter.

1)      Jaipur

The pink city is a must-see on any Rajasthan trip. Jaipur is home to beautiful forts, incredible connectivity, and gorgeous handicrafts. You might need to stay a few days in Jaipur, as it is possible to explore the many forts, temples and shops. Enjoy your Jaipur tour packages with us and get the best experience

2)      Ajmer

Visit the Ajmer Sharif dargah to connect with your spiritual side. It is one of the most significant Sufi shrines. Visitors from all walks of the globe visit the shrine of KhwajaMoinuddinChishti. They also visit other tourist attractions such as Ana Sagar Lake and PrithvirajSamarak.

3)      Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is home to stunning sand dunes and magnificent palaces, as well as glorious temples that are soaked in the sunlight. The city is named after Maharaja Jaisal Singh and looks like a prince seated on a ridge made of sand dunes. Winter festivals are also available. You can also buy unique gifts for your loved ones.

4)      Bundi

Bundi is located 210 kms from Jaipur and contains numerous forts, step reservoirs, lakes, and ancient architecture. It also displays the old techniques of rainwater harvesting.

5)      Keoladeo Ghana National Park (also called Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary).

If you’re a bird lover, you should visit the Keoladeo Ghana National Park. You can expect to see more than 370 species throughout the year and many rare migratory birds. It was once a duck hunting reserve. It is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and a paradise for birdwatchers.

6)      Pali district

The Pali district is a great place to discover the true culture of Rajasthan. The safari allows you to spot wild leopards and other wildlife. You will also be able to stay in luxurious heritage hotels such as the Rajput Fort and ChanoudGarh. A shepherd’s morning opium meeting is also available. Rural life at its best!

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7)      Pushkar

This district, located on the shores the Pushkar Lake, is a popular pilgrimage site because of its connection to Hindu mythology. Lord Brahma, the Creator, practised yoga there. Tourists from all walks of the country visit the district’s temples and ghats. They also enjoy the annual camel fair that features music, food, and a camel race.

8)      Ranthambore National Park

You can get closer to wildlife by taking a gipsy/canter safari through Ranthambore national parks. It is home to many lakes and ruins, which provide the perfect combination of history, wildlife, nature, and history. This makes it one of the most attractive places in Rajasthan.

9)      Dilwara Jain Temples

Near Mount Abu, there are five Dilwara Jain temples. Five temples, AdiNath Temple and ParshavNath Temple, as well as Rishabdaoji Temple and NemiNathJi Temple, are dedicated to the five Jain saints. The temples’ intricate carvings and ornamented columns show the artistic talent of the 12th Century A.D.

10)    Udaipur

This historical city hosts many tourist attractions such as Pichola Lake and Jagdish Temple, Bagoreki Haveli and FatehSagar Lake. There are also several forts, palaces, and fortresses. Udaipur is called the Venice of the East or the City of Lakes. It doesn’t experience a drastic drop in temperature during winter, so it will satisfy the adventurer in you. This State Offers a Free Helmet to Every Two-Wheeler Purchase and drop reviews.

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