Camping 101 A Beginner s Guide to Outdoor Adventure


Camping is a fun, affordable and rewarding outdoor activity. With a little planning and the right gear, your first trip can be an unforgettable adventure for all!

If it’s your first time, try garden camping or a site close to home to ease into the experience. It’s also important to camp responsibly and follow the Leave No Trace principles.


The primary purpose of a tent is to provide shelter during camping trips. It protects campers from rain and wind and provides a comfortable space to sleep.

Tents come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different numbers of campers. When selecting a tent, consider how many people will be sleeping inside and whether you plan to use the space for other activities like cooking or star-gazing.

Some tents feature a gear loft or internal mesh storage to help keep small items off the floor where they could get damaged by trampling feet. Others include extra pockets or a built-in clothesline for drying clothing.

A fire starter kit is a great camping accessory to have on hand. In addition to tinder, it includes a fire-building tool and some kindling, which can be made from dried grass or birthday candles, or even the stuff you collect from your dryer’s lint trap. A dustpan and brush are also essential camping accessories to keep the campsite clean and free of debris.


There s no better way to ensure you have everything you need for your camping trip than a good old-fashioned checklist. You can find camping checklists online, from camping supply companies and from outdoor enthusiast publications. Modify them to suit your needs, and use them to make sure you bring all the camping essentials.

Whether you choose to car camp, RV camp or backpack into the backcountry, you ll need to cook your meals. If you re not familiar with cooking outdoors, it helps to watch some Youtube videos on how to build a campfire and prep your food prior to heading out to the campsite.

It s also helpful to arrive at your campsite early. This will give you time to set up your tent before dark and to find a good place to store your food (away from bears, etc). Then, once the sun goes down, you can cook dinner over the campfire.


There is no better way to experience the outdoors than camping, but the right planning and preparation are essential to a successful adventure. With a few simple hacks, you can make your next outdoor trip a camping success.

Water is a vital part of the camping experience, especially in backcountry trips. Humans need about a gallon of water per day for activity and to maintain hydration. It is important to bring more than one source of water on any camping trip, so that you can continue drinking and cooking if the first supply is depleted or lost.

Boiling water in the wilderness requires a little practice, but it is an essential skill for camping. The trick is to find a level area away from flammable objects where you can build your fire and get the water boiling. This will save time and effort, as well as prevent the loss of water in case the fire burns out.


Everyone who has been camping can tell you a story about a popped sleeping pad, a soggy tent or a cold night. With the right gear and tips, however, restful slumber is always possible when camping.

Some sleepers find that eye masks or white noise machines help them fall asleep faster and more easily. Others prefer the comfort of their favorite pillow. In warm/hot weather, sleeping bags can be stuffed with an old pillow to add insulation for warmth. For backpacking trips, it’s a good idea to pack a small first aid kit, which can include items like bandages, adhesive tape and gauze pads.

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