Hotel Room Upgrades – Insider Tips for Getting a Better Stay Experience


Finding a hotel room upgrade may prove challenging, but don’t give up hope in trying for one.

Hotels will be more likely to upgrade your room when you can make the case for it. Consider noting a special event such as your birthday, anniversary or honeymoon celebrations or any elite status you hold such as membership of an elite organization.

Ask for an Upgrade

Ask for it in an intelligent manner so the front desk staff understand why your request is valid and just.

If you prefer an ocean view suite over a standard room, make sure that this information is included when making the reservation. Furthermore, making requests during off-season periods may increase the odds of receiving upgrades since hotels tend to have reduced occupancy during these times.

Booking directly with the hotel increases your chances of receiving a complimentary room upgrade as hotels prefer direct bookings over those booked through third-party websites. Furthermore, some hotels give free upgrades for guests celebrating special events such as honeymoons or anniversaries; this ensures they have an unforgettable experience and may increase the hotel’s reviews!

Be Flexible

Travel can be expensive, and even those on tight budgets must find room in their travel plans for hotel upgrades and extra services that add significant value. From room upgrades to spa services, these extra amenities can add substantial worth to a stay.

Room upgrades are an effective way for hotels to thank loyal guests, yet can sometimes prove challenging to implement efficiently.

At the right moment in the booking process, presenting room upgrade options should be presented when they will have the highest chance of being accepted by guests. Staff should be trained on how best to introduce these upsell options with friendly and thoughtful presentations; and DigitalGuest platform analytics can help identify trends so packages align with peak demand periods – increasing chances of a successful upsell and providing opportunities for upselling during customer journey.

Be Polite

When booking a room at a hotel, the furniture and fixtures aren’t yours; treat them with care and respect. If something seems broken or dirty in your room, report it right away to the front desk – as it is their responsibility to fix any problems reported; having an immediate conversation about them with them would be best practice.

Don’t make noise between 10pm and 8am in the hallways or passages as thin walls may disturb other guests. If loud music or voices come from rooms adjacent to yours, contact the front desk and have the hotel staff discuss this matter – this may be more effective than asking directly them to be quiet as doing so may come across as accusatory.

Personalize their experience and increase overall satisfaction with custom amenities based on their preferences and requests for an unforgettable stay. It will leave a lasting impression and increase their overall satisfaction with your hotel or venue.

Be Prepared

If you want a chance at an upgrade, be sure to mention it when making your reservation. This allows the front desk staff to remember and accommodate your request for an upgraded room. Being flexible with regards to type of room you desire (e.g. king bed instead of doubles) could also increase the odds.

Many hotel rewards programs allow front desk agents to decide what constitutes an upgrade, so it never hurts to ask. Mentioning an important milestone like an upcoming birthday or anniversary may increase your odds.

Hotels offering upgrades can enhance their brand image and cultivate loyalty among their guests by offering them luxury experiences. By giving guests something memorable during their stay, they may return again, recommend it to family and friends, and write reviews. By following these tips you may increase your odds of securing an upgraded room when travelling next.

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