Hotel Types – Hotel Suite, Hotel, Boutique Hotel, and Business Hotels

Hotels are usually places of rest and relaxation. It is a place where travelers can go when they want to get away from the regular hustle of life and simply unwind. However, hotels can be expensive places to stay in, so it is important to choose one that is within your budget. In order to get the best deal for the least amount of money, it is important to compare different hotels around the area you plan to stay in. There are many things to consider such as amenities offered, the location of the hotel, the cost of room rates, transportation, activities, and more.

Hotels have been an essential piece of the hospitality industry since the establishment of the first hotel. The hotels have provided comfortable and safe overnight accommodation to guests in many parts of the world. A hotel is usually an establishment which offers paid overnight accommodation on a temporary basis. Basic facilities offered in a hotel room could range from a basic mattress in a tiny room to large, fully furnished suites with more space, better looking views, and more.

Hotels have become a critical piece of the hospitality industry because of the services they offer. Guests typically expect five-star quality and service when they pay for their hotel stay. Hotels in the United States have followed this trend, providing guest rooms with televisions, bathrooms with heated towel racks, private showers, private baths, telephone lines, and other conveniences that make staying at a hotel a luxurious experience. The standards of the hotels have increased along with the services they provide, making hotels a competitive market.

One of the trends emerging in the hotel industry today is the increase in boutique hotels, or suite hotels, providing the best in guest accommodations. These establishments are smaller than traditional full-service bed and breakfast or chain/branded hotels. They generally specialize in particular markets such as children’s resorts, small town resorts, or business guest houses. In short, a boutique hotel provides the best guest amenities at a more economical price.

Resorts have also entered the hospitality industry in large numbers, offering the same great customer service and fine accommodations that boutique hotels offer. These resorts have been built to attract a specific type of guest–elite travelers with disposable income. Resorts have begun to compete directly with boutique hotels for the high-end clientele they serve. Today, resorts often serve as destinations, featuring world class entertainment and attractions that guests can’t find in traditional guest rooms.

Hotels and motels have changed dramatically over the years. Most recently, younger guests have turned to hotels for upscale and comfortable accommodations. Business travellers have turned to business hotels to ensure their work culture is conducive to uninterrupted work. Finally, families have turned to family hotels for their place in the heart of the city, close to family and friends. Whatever your type of traveller, there is a hotel type to suit you and your guests.