10 Best Historical Places to visit in Rajasthan


Rajasthan is the largest Indian state by areawise. It is a fascinating land filled with fascinating culture, fascinating past and most importantly, breathtaking attractions. There are many places in the state, including Jaipur, which is the capital, Pushkar and Ajmer spiritual lands, and Jaisalmer and Shekhawati regions. It’s a daunting task to list all the state has to offer. We have compiled this list of the top places to visit in Rajasthan.

  1. Mount Abu

When you think of Rajasthan, it conjures images of the desert, forts in the sky, and royal palaces. Mount Abu is a place that offers a different experience. It is Rajasthan’s only hill station. It is revered for its ancient temples (including the 11th-century Jain temple) and its spectacular sunset point, exuberant bazaars, and, most importantly, the wildlife sanctuary. Get the Customized Mount Abu Tour Packages with exciting deals & offers.

Mount Abu: Unmissable Attractions:

  • Dilwara Jain Temples
  • Guru Shikhar (Mount Abu’s highest peak)
  • Nakki Lake
  • Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Brahmakumaris Peace Reserve
  • Toad Rock
  • Trevor’s Tank
  • Sunset Point
  • Fort Achalgarh
  • Mount Abu Bazaar
  • Tibetan Market

2. Jaipur

Jaipur is known as the Pink City. It is known for its unique appeal, which bursts at seams with its wide range of architectural gems and fantastic heritage sites, as well as unique festivals and events. It is also packed with many appealing attractions and experiences that will take you through the region’s history and present.

Jaipur’s Unmissable Attractions:

  • City Palace
  • HawaMahal
  • JantarMantar
  • JalMahal
  • Amber Fort, UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Birla Mandir
  • Amrapali Museum

3. Udaipur

Udaipur is called the City of Lakes. This delightful city is more than its lakes. People visit Udaipur for many other reasons. It was voted the cleanest state city. The rich tradition of folk music and dances draws people year-round.

It is also a shopping paradise, a photographer’s delight, and a favourite of romantics at heart. The combination of beautiful backdrops, stunning palaces, colourful bazaars, rich heritage, and gorgeous lakes makes it a popular destination for tourists.

Unmissable Attractions at Udaipur:

  • Udaipur City Palace
  • Lake Palace
  • Lake Pichola
  • Bagoreki Areli
  • Lake Garden Palace
  • MotiMagri
  • Vintage Car Museum

4. Bikaner

Bikaner is a place you should not miss on your Rajasthan tour. Trust us! This charming desert city is only 350 km from the capital. It has a lot to offer. The Old City’s impressive palaces, forts and sanctified shrines are so distinctive and royal. It almost seems like they came from another era.

Bikaner is Asia’s largest camel breeding facility. Take a ride on a camel’s back through the Thar Desert and interact with them. You can also enjoy a wide variety of street food, including tons of delicious snacks, desserts and savouries. Karni Mata Temple, which houses over 25,000 rats, is located 30 km from Bikaner.

Bikaner’s Unmissable Attractions:

  • Lalgarh Palace
  • LaxmiNiwas Palace
  • Gajner Palace & Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Sadul Singh Museum
  • Jain Temple Bhandasar
  • Camel Research Institute
  • Karni Mata Temple

5. Jodhpur

Rajasthan is known for its pink city, but it’s also a beautiful place for its blue city. Visit Jodhpur, the second-largest city in Rajasthan, to see it firsthand. It is known for its beautiful blue architecture and the Mehrangarh Fort. This fort atop a rocky mountain is one of the most well-preserved forts within the state.

 It offers exciting moments of recollection with attractions like the UmaidBhawan Palace Museum and JaswantThada’s marble crematorium.

Jodhpur’s Unmissable Attractions:

  • Mehrangarh Fort
  • JaswantThada
  • UmaidBhawan Palace museum
  • Kailana Lake
  • Mandore Gardens
  • Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

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6. Jaisalmer

Many reasons draw people to the Golden City. Visitors visit the Golden Fort, where half the city is located within this UNESCO World Heritage Site. They come to the Thar Desert to enjoy the unrivalled beauty and experience desert camping, camel safari, dune bash, and other activities.

They visit Kuldhara Village, which is shrouded by mystery, to explore the region’s haunted and spooky side. They also come here to enjoy the authentic Rajasthani folk scene, especially the Merasi Community, which boasts more than 800 years of musical legacy.

Jaisalmer’sUnmissable Attractions:

  • Jaisalmer Fort (Golden Fort)
  • Patwonki Haveli
  • Gadsisar Lake
  • Jaisalmer War Museum
  • Khuri Sand Dunes
  • Desert National Park
  • Tazia Tower

7. Pushkar

Pushkar is the oldest city in India. It is located approximately 150 km from Jaipur and is a famous pilgrimage spot. Here you will find the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma, as well as the holy Pushkarlake. You may also know it as Rajasthan’s Rose Garden. It is home to many rose farms, which are renowned for their heavenly fragrance and high-quality roses.

It is also where the highly-acclaimed Pushkar Camel Fair, held annually in October and November, is born.

Pushkar is home to some of the most popular attractions:

  • Pushkar Lake
  • Brahma Temple
  • Rose Garden
  • Man Mahal
  • Gurudwara Singh Sabha
  • Naga Pahar
  • Sarafa Bazaar
  • Pushkar Bazaar

8. Ajmer

Ajmer, located 14 km from Pushkar, is another popular place to visit in Rajasthan. It is home to the sacred Dargahor Mausoleum, KhwajaMoin-ud-Din Chishti, Sufi saint. It is revered by Muslims and non-Muslims and is one of the holiest spots in South Asia.

It is also renowned for its superb location in the Aravalli Mountains and the many palaces, museums, and heritage hotels that are found there.

Ajmer has many attractions that are not to be missed:

  • Ajmer Sharif Dargah
  • Anasagar Lake
  • Taragarh Fort
  • Nareli Jain Temple
  • Prithvi Raj Samara
  • Museum and Palace of Akbar
  • Mayo College and Museum

9. Ranthambore National Park

Rajasthan is home to many wildlife-loving tourists. Ranthambore National Park is the most popular and difficult to miss. Ranthambore National Park is home to several rare, endangered and ferocious wildlife species. These include the Royal Bengal Tigers and Leopards, Indian Flying Fox, Rattles, and Sloth Bears.

This place is rich in biodiversity and natural beauty, and it’s no surprise that photographers and sightseers love it. A thrilling jungle safari is a great way to get a close-up view of this region’s fantastic fauna and flora.

Ranthambore’sUnmissable Attractions:

  • Ranthambore Fort
  • Surwal Lake
  • Trinetra Ganesh Temple
  • JogiMahal
  • Raj Bagh Ruins
  • Malik Talao
  • Kachida Valley

10. Shekhawati

Do you love culture and art? This place is located in the Delhi-Jaipur–Bikaner triangle. Make sure you add it to your Rajasthan travel itinerary. It is home to old mansions and Havelis, which date back to the 18th century. These Havelis are decorated with stunningly painted frescos and are considered the most extensive open-air gallery of art globally.

Shekhawati’s Unmissable Attractions:

  • Mandawa
  • Nawalgarh
  • Badalgarh Fort
  • Fatehpur
  • Ramgarh
  • Mahansar


Rajasthan is a must-see part of India. You must know the best places to visit and what you should see in Rajasthan to get the most out of your trip and also provide the Review. Take a look at the list above to create your ideal Rajasthan itinerary.

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