How to Secure Your Property When You’re on Vacation


Vacations offer a great way to unwind and unplug, as well as explore and discover new experiences.

Planning a vacation can be daunting, particularly on a tight budget. Here are a few strategies to keep you on track and ensure your vacation will remain one to remember!

1. Unplug Everything

Vacation is supposed to be an opportunity for you to unplug from daily life and relax; but constantly checking your phone, viewing Instagram-worthy pictures or playing video games may thwart that goal.

Unplug all electronics as soon as you leave home to save energy, protect the environment and lower your electric bill while on vacation. Devices with external power supplies (laptops, gaming consoles etc) as well as those using standby or “sleep” modes still draw power while being turned off; drawing small amounts each time they are plugged in but wasting valuable energy that adds up.

Plugged-in but unused devices can draw energy that will be charged back to your account; additionally, leaving hot appliances running while away could pose a fire risk.

2. Secure Your Home

If you plan on leaving your home temporarily, it is essential that you take measures to secure it before leaving. There are various methods for doing this.

One way to keep your home secure when you’re not there is by asking a trusted friend or neighbor to stop by periodically and check up on it while you are out – this will create an aura of activity and human presence which should deter potential thieves.

As part of your home security plan while away on vacation, consider upgrading some exterior lights with smart bulbs that allow remote control from anywhere – this can deter thieves while keeping your home secure while you’re out! This can also help deter criminals.

3. Water Your Plants

Vacation is a time for escape and relaxing with loved ones; however, leaving home for any length of time without caring for your houseplants can be daunting and even terrifying.

Maintaining healthy and watered plants while you’re on holiday is of utmost importance, and fortunately there are numerous methods available for doing just that!

One option is to enlist the assistance of friends or neighbors in watering your plants during your absence. This is an economical and efficient solution that ensures they remain hydrated!

4. Take All the Trash Out

Before leaving on vacation, one of the most essential tasks to complete is cleaning your trash can. No one wants to come home to an unpleasant odor and filth-ridden bin!

Avoid this situation by creating a clearly stated waste disposal policy for your guests that remains consistent throughout their stay. That means ensuring there are enough trash cans and bins in each appropriate spot – and providing plenty of extra garbage bags so they can use as needed.

An essential step in reaching these objectives is educating guests on what can be recycled and how best to dispose of their trash – this will save time and effort later on and contribute to making your property more eco-friendly!

5. Check Your Contacts

On vacation, it can be easy to let your usual routine of wearing and caring for contact lenses slip. If you neglect taking out your contacts periodically or wear them too long while swimming in a pool, your eyes could quickly become irritated and infected – something which should never happen!

To help avoid this hassle, ensure you pack an extra pair of contact lenses and bottle of solution so you have something on standby if any are lost or damaged on your journey – this will save the stress of finding an eye doctor or ordering new contacts upon your return home. Alternatively, try daily disposable lenses if traveling light is key; their hassle-free maintenance could make travel much less of a burdensome endeavor!

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