Understanding the Difference Between Tourism and Travel Trade


A visitor to a foreign land to enjoy its tradition and culture is called a tourist. A tourist moves from one area to another regularly in order to witness and experience its splendor. The main aim of tourism is your pursuit of fun. In other words, it is to offer enjoyment to the visitors.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions include historical places, modern attractions, wildlife attractions, art attractions, and sports or recreational facilities. Every country has its own popular tourist attraction. In some countries there are large number of attractions that are spread across various cities. Some of the popular and well-known destinations include London, Paris, Rome, New York City, Las Vegas, and Disneyland. If you wish to have a holiday vacation in such countries, then you should definitely plan your trip according to their tourist attractions.

In all such tourist destinations, you will find a wide variety of hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping complexes, etc. You can have a great fun if you get involved in the hospitality industry. There is immense potential in tourism and therefore the tourism industry of any country will surely prosper. As tourism is not restricted to any particular area or state, you can expect huge tourism industry in any part of the world.

The main aim of tourism is to earn revenue for the country. Therefore, if the tourists like what they see and find in the area of tourism, they will visit the area again. The tourists can generate revenue for the state or country by exhibiting various attractions. Suppose a businessman wants to promote his product in China. Then he should go to China and exhibit his products at various exhibition and trade shows.

The main aim of tourism is to earn revenue for the country. You will realize that tourism is completely different from travel trade when you think about it. Travel trade refers to tourism and the sector of people who take part in the travel trade and the attractions that they display are the attractions for the tourists. Tourism involves all kinds of activities from entertainment and education to art and culture.

Another difference between tourism and travel trade is that the latter involves people from all walks of life. For instance, the educational institutions attract students whereas the hoteliers lure people with offers of all kinds of amenities. On the other hand, tourism mainly refers to the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry includes such industries like restaurants, lodging, tourism, travel trade, and others. Therefore, tourism refers to all aspects of hospitality and all people involved in the industry.

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