Tourist influx into a city is one of the major driving forces that contribute to economic development. Tourism is travel for business or pleasure; the more mundane practice and theory of tourism, the wider business of conducting, arranging, and entertaining tourists. Although tourism benefits individual travellers in terms of increased disposable income, it has had a large and long term effect on cities and their surrounding regions. As a matter of fact, cities with most visitors are those with vibrant economies and well-connected transportation systems.

The process of developing tourism is a complex one. First, there are several issues to consider, such as where to draw tourist resources from and what forms of entertainment can these attractions offer. It is crucial that all the potential destinations are sufficiently accessible to attract the appropriate number of visitors, otherwise the whole concept of tourism will go out of its way to accommodate the needs of a chosen few.

A good example of a city which has long been a favored tourist destination is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver has an international airport and an equally favourable International Trade Centre, which draw in a great number of international travelers looking for a variety of goods and services. Vancouver’s climate and spectacularly beautiful natural scenery have long made it a top choice of tourists and have also led to the establishment of a multitude of hotels, boutiques, and other businesses catering to the needs of tourists. Not only do these establishments serve tourists, but they also provide work for local residents and foreign workers who take advantage of the city’s various employment opportunities.

Another aspect of Vancouver’s tourism industry that draws in people from around the world is the Vancouver International Airport, which happens to be the third busiest airport in the entire world. Many international tourists fly to Vancouver, especially from European countries, to take advantage of the many cultural events taking place in the city. Furthermore, flights from North America also land at the airport, which provides for even more people to flock to the city-state. As a result, tourism is a major source of revenue for the city. In addition, the large number of tourists visiting Vancouver throughout the year (in spite of the rather unstable weather pattern for much of the year), the huge number of international flights arriving and departing from Vancouver, the burgeoning tourist industry, and a multitude of other factors make Vancouver a desirable tourist destination in any part of the world.

The Vancouver Tourism Department is a prime organization in charge of implementing measures to preserve Vancouver’s natural beauty and ensure that Vancouver remains a top tourist destination. This department manages various programs designed to attract tourists as well as locals to visit Vancouver. Among the popular tourism programs implemented by the city include: the Vancouver International Film Festival, the Canada Winter Olympic Games, the Canada Jazz Festival, the Canada Writers Festival, the Vancouver Art Gallery Festival, the Canada Film Festival, the Canada Writers Week, the Global Village, the Canada Jazz Festival, the Vancouver Art Gallery Film Festival, the Vancouver Writer’s Festival, the South Canadian Culture Festival, and a multitude of others. These festivals are designed to showcase the variety of artistic talent in Vancouver as well as introduce residents and visitors to the visual and performing arts. In addition, various hotels and restaurants in Vancouver also participate in these festivals as a way of not only promoting themselves but also as a way of entertaining visitors.

In addition, tourists can also enjoy various free activities that are organized throughout the tourist season to keep tourists busy and interested. Some of these activities include: the infamous Canada Day festival which is celebrated on the first weekend in May; Canada’s Olympic Games which are usually organized about two weeks before the summer solstice; the Scotiabank Summer Splash, an outdoor water park located on Stanley Park’s Waterfront, which is open to the public every day throughout the month of June; the PNE Forum, which feature the most comprehensive collection of Canadiana, contemporary art and architecture from around the country; and the Canada’s Cup Soccer Tournament which is held every February at the Rogers Stadium. Another important tourist attraction is the Vancouver Aquarium, which is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Canada.