Travel – Is it Good For You?

Travel is the movement of humans between very different, very fast and very slow places. Travel can take place by foot, car, bicycle, plane, train, boat, truck, bus or any other means, and is one direction or round trip, usually with only luggage. It is usually done for pleasure, to see new places, or to escape the stresses of everyday life. There are many different kinds of travel, each having its own unique set of travel benefits and advantages.

One reason why people love to travel is to acquire new skills. You can travel the world and learn a new skill in cooking, dancing, art history, culture, languages and more. Acquiring new skills is also a very rewarding reason why people love to travel. When you are traveling, the opportunities to meet new people, to sample a new cuisine, to see a new sunrise or sunset are all endless. And all of these things can add up to a very satisfying life.

The other reason why people travel is for the final consonant of travel. Whether it’s going to visit a tropical island, to Paris, to Tokyo, to Cairo, Dubai or any other place, being a traveller is often a great way to complete your education. As you learn new things, you get to visit more places and experience more cultures. And sometimes you just want to get away from your routine and have that one great, amazing, cathartic trip that helps you overcome all of your fears and stresses.

A third reason why people travel is for the thrill of travel. No matter how big or small your family is, a journey down the road or across the globe can bring exciting times for everyone. Whether it’s a single person journey or a family travelling together, taking a journey can fill everyone’s need for adventure. From the first night in a new city, to discovering the roots of a new culture, to seeing the final consonant of a language, the journey of travel fills our souls with excitement.

The final consonant of travel is one place, one time. No matter how far away you are, or how many time zones you experience, there is only one place that we truly belong and that’s where we truly feel at home. Traveling opens us up to new experiences and perspectives. We meet new people, we discover a different way of living, we travel to find what’s hidden at that particular place, under that mountain, under that sea. No matter our own personal definitions of home, no matter what our individual journeys have been like, when we travel the globe, we find that one place where we belong and that one time where we defined ourselves.

So, while there may be many reasons to take a travel, the three primary ones are for the thrill of adventure, the fill of curiosity, and the need for understanding. Traveling opens the doors to a new world where facts are discovered along the way, that which we once thought were known only to the locals. Travel opens the door to knowledge and a whole new way of looking at the world around us.