The World’s Best Tourist Places


Tourist attractions are destinations that attract many visitors to a particular region, dating back to ancient Greece and Rome.

The United States offers an abundance of tourist spots. From the Grand Canyon to Manhattan, America boasts numerous iconic locations and landmarks that serve as tourist draws.

1. Singapore

Singapore was long known for being an endpoint city on its way somewhere else, but recently has made great strides toward reinventing itself as the premier 21st-century metropolitan destination. Home to diverse cultures as well as stunning natural wonders, Singapore stands as an idyllic stopover city that welcomes all with open arms.

Merlion Park in Singapore is an unforgettable tourist attraction. This iconic monument symbolizes its heritage and name by depicting a lion-headed fish body symbolising Singaporean identity and heritage.

Madame Tussauds is a wax museum with celebrity statues such as Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Michael Jackson on display. Perfect for photo ops and group outings alike. This venue also makes for an enjoyable day trip!

2. Bali

Bali is an idyllic island retreat perfect for beachgoers and nature enthusiasts alike, boasting beautiful beaches, coral reefs and luxurious hotels that provide an oasis from city life’s hectic bustle.

Explore Mount Batur for stunning caldera views and lake activities, or head over to Bratan Crater Lake in central Bali to admire highland scenery or spot dolphins!

Ubud offers visitors a true Indonesian experience through its scenic vistas, bamboo mansions and cultural displays such as paddy fields and street dance performances. Ubud can help visitors avoid the bustle of Kuta and Seminyak.

3. New York

One of the world’s most vibrant cities, New York is an eternally bustling metropolis that never sleeps. Home to endless restaurants, iconic buildings and breathtaking vistas – New York never sleeps!

Manhattan’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is America’s premier gallery and houses pieces from across the world, such as those by Van Gogh, Cezanne, and Monet. It offers exhibitions to both children and adults alike.

The Statue of Liberty has become an iconic global symbol for freedom. Its sheer size and beauty have inspired numerous death-defying stunts ranging from barreling over its edge to walking tightropes.

The Brooklyn Bridge is a highly popular tourist attraction that connects Manhattan and Brooklyn and offers breathtaking views over its city skyline.

4. London

History, architecture and art enthusiasts alike will find something to love about London. Experience its iconic attractions like the Tower of London (book ahead with Get Your Guide to save time and avoid long lines), St George’s Chapel where monarchs and queens have been coronated through time or simply explore its sprawling grounds for yourself!

Museums don’t get much more impressive than the British Museum, where its astonishing global artefact collection will amaze and astound you. Tours are available to bring its vast holdings alive.

Soar to the top of The Shard, an iconic modern skyscraper which joined London’s skyline in 2012. Its floor-to-ceiling windows offer breathtaking views.

5. Hampi

Hippie Island in Hampi is well-known for its breathtaking beauty and lively culture. Situated along Tungabhadra River, initially named Virapapur Gadde.

One of the top places to see in Hampi is Virupaksha Temple, an intricately-decorated complex of ornate and beautifully-carved temples, as well as home of Virupaksha Giant Chariot which features solid stone wheels that turn when tapped.

Vitthala Temple, dedicated to an incarnation of Vishnu, exemplifies Vijayanagar’s architectural excellence with its towers, pillars, walls and musical pillars that produce different sounds when struck. Queen’s Bath is another ancient structure believed to have served as royal bathing pool during Vijayanagar rule.

6. Mysore

Mysore is known for its exquisite palaces, lakes and breathtaking waterfalls. Additionally, Mysore serves as an arts and cultural hub; each year its royal mansions and temples attract thousands of visitors from around the globe.

Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum is one of Mysore’s premier tourist spots and an art lover’s delight, boasting more than 16 themes with 115 truckloads of sand sculptures spanning 150 huge sculptures.

Brindavan Gardens was inspired by Kashmir’s Shalimar Gardens when it was founded by Diwan of Mysore Sir Mirza Ismail in 1906 and remains one of the city’s top tourist destinations, boasting illuminated fountain shows and botanical parks.

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